Hi there! I am a sustainable fashion researcher and consultant currently based in Berlin. My work focuses on the analysis and mapping of textile supply chains and the development of more environmentally and socially responsible sourcing strategies for raw materials within the fashion industry.

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The Sustainable Cotton Atlas - MA Thesis (2018)

In partnership with hessnatur Stiftung, the thesis was developed as a decision-making tool, The Sustainable Cotton Atlas, that can aid fashion brands looking to shift their raw material sourcing towards more sustainable practices, and through doing so, empowering a brand to use their purchasing power to affect positive change in the countries and farming communities they source from.

Key questions:  How does one define sustainable cotton farming? What actions are being taken by specific countries and communities around the world to increase the usage and cultivation of sustainable cotton? What can a brand do to increase the cultivation of more sustainably grown cotton to better the lives of farmers and their communities as well as the environment?

Responsible Sourcing Network (2019)

Contributing Researcher for RSN’s Cotton Program which works to ensure cotton produced with forced labor does not make its way into garment and home goods supply chains. RSN aims to achieve this through two Cotton Pledge campaigns for companies to sign committing to not use Uzbek and Turkmen cotton and the YESS: Yarn Ethically and Sustainably Sourced initiative to drive slavery out of cotton production by implementing a due diligence verification program with cotton yarn spinners.

Fashion Revolution (2019)

Contributing Researcher for the annual Fashion Transparency Index Report. The Fashion Transparency Index reviews and ranks hundreds of the biggest global fashion and apparel brands and retailers according to how much information they disclose about their suppliers, supply chain policies and practices, and social and environmental impact.




The Beneficial Design Institute researches, develops and tests the holistic design of sustainable fashion and products while working with an international network of universities, institutions and industrial partners. By Beneficial Design we understand the design of the entire system of fashion and textiles far beyond the products and collections. We also promote holistic, integrative design of processes and systems.

Role- Research & Communications support


Cotton Diaries is content and video platform reviving the human connection between the people who grow, make and use cotton. Cotton Diaries reconnects us with the stories behind the cotton industry and the inspirational people who are dedicated to improving it. Through a unique digital experience, it challenges us to reconsider our relationship with the products we buy and the crucial role we play in the value chain. A captivating journey that engages consumers directly and inspires them to raise their voice and actively drive positive change.

Since January 2018 I have helped Marzia LaFranchi in research capacities for as she further develops Cotton Diaries. 


The hessnatur Stiftung is a non-profit and independent foundation with a unique institutional perspective. Focus of applied project work is a consulting service on sustainability and education within the textile industry.

Throughout 2018 my MA thesis was sponsored by hessntur Stiftung and whom provided tremendous support in terms of industry knowledge and resources.

Previous Design Work

Pintl & Keyt, Chicago 2015-2017

Selected Surface Design, 2009-2015


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